Friday, 2 March 2007

Week 4 begins in a lighter mood!

Sorry.. still having password problems..

Been a bit of a black week with a relapse on Mon.. don't go there.. don't want to think about it.. it's behind me now!

Still.. I lost a fabulous 4Lbs again this week making a total of 21lbs.. nearly 10 kg and 1 and a half stone in just 19 days.. chuffed about that!

Woken up this morning feeling much brighter and happier.. thank goodness for that been feeling terrible this week.. right off to jump in the shower and feed those boys!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, 24 February 2007

Week 2 ~ 24th Feb 2007

Sorry again.. still having password probs!

Things are getting easier now that I'm becoming increasingly accustomed to the packs.. both mentally and physically!

I weighed in on Thurs to find I'd lost another 8lbs since the previous Thursday making it a fabulous 17lbs in total.. in just 12 days.. not bloomin' bad eh?!!!

Will try to add a table / graph to this thing.. sorry if it's boring.. just getting the boys in the bath!


Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Week 2 Day 11

Sorry i have been both ill and suffered a memory loss of my password to get on here.. all well now though.. in both instances!

So.. where were we? I had a terrible time when I was ill as although I was nauseous I actually felt more hunger than I would if I was in ketosis.. all back to normal now and quoiffing much water to get back on track..

Weigh day tomorrow and I'm both excited and apprehensive! Will fill you in as soon as I get home.. off for a cuddle on the sofa now..


Thursday, 15 February 2007

Week 1

Sunday October 11th 2007

Day 1
Well today is the day I embarked on a new me! And it felt bloody terrible.. never felt so sick sweaty and shaky in years!!! My first shake made me gag and I thought it didn't bode well.. however the soups are GORGEOUS!! ( Or maybe that's stretching it a bit far!!)

I got through the day though even with Fran and Kieron cracking the whip!

Day 2
Feeling awful again today and I'm wondering what hunger really feels like! Been scared of it for as long as I can remember but although I can describe thirst I struggle to find the words to describe real hunger.. it's possible I've never known it.. the nearest I can get is the tummy rumbling and empty hollow feeling in my tummy accompanied by a slight nausea.. is that it? Is THAT hunger? Totally different to the imaginary hunger that I have made myself suffer .. probably all my life.. where I imagine the food and my need for it.. oh it's all so confusing.. hope my life saver Y is going to make it somewhat clearer.

Day 3
Headache today.. just gnawing away underneath.. CANNOT possibly be dehydration.. I'm drinking at least 6 litres a day. not including ts cs and the shakes n soups..

Took C&T to my pop in to get weighed measured and photographed!
I lost 7lbs in less than 3 days.. HALLELULAH.. there is a God after all.. I can see light at the end of the tunnel.. you've NO idea how uplifting this is for me.. the thought of over a year of starvation and deprivation has just left me cold but if it goes this quickly and feels so easy then YAHOOOO!!!!
I'm in ketosis already too so here we go.. bye bye blobbiness!

Day 4

Woke up this morning full of self righteousness and zeal.. even though I only had 4 hours sleep.. (eg insomnia and Tom!) Been zipping round all day.. examining the whole hunger thing again.. I'm NOT feeling hungry at all.. I do notice that I need to eat something around the time when a food pack is due but other than that it's fine..

Going really well now.. quite in the swing and have discovered that I actually do like black tea and coffee.. quite a treat actually and the peppermint tea is fab! Looking forward to some variety next week though when I can have flavoured water and savoury drink and bars too,, yippee!!!

I lost 9lbs in 5 days!! Must be a record for me.. this is so good.. motivation doesn't come much better than that!

I tried the drinks and bars too and downloaded lighterlife recipes too which I'll maybe try in a few weeks in case boredom really does set in!!

Got my pedometer and want to plan some exercise into my routine.. maybe a yoga video and some walking.. maybe we should get a dog!!! aaarrrgghhh!!! No.. a cleaner would be better!!!